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When starting out as an affiliate marketer, there will be a lot of terminology that you might not understand. When I first started, I had no clue what the acronyms CPC, CPA and CPM meant. This learning curve definitely slowed the process down of understanding analytics.


Below I have listed a handful of terms that I first had trouble with when starting out as an affiliate marketer. 


1) CPA

This acronym stand for Cost Per Action/Acquisition. It is defined by how much it costs to acquire a customer per conversion.


2) CPC

This acronym stands for Cost Per Click. It is defined by how much its costs for every click.


3) CPL

This acronym stand for Cost Per Lead. Advertisers will pay affiliates for information such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Usually the more information obtained, the higher the payout.

4) CTR

This acronym stand for Click Through Ratio/Rate. This is measured by the percentage of visitors that have clicked on a specific link.


5) Affiliate Link

This is a unique link created by the advertiser or merchant that will track traffic that you have generated to their website. This link is mandatory to tracking sales generated by you.


6) Conversion

A conversion is the final action that will determine your payout. Think of a conversion as someone purchasing a product or completely filling out a form. Conversions vary based on what the goal of the offer is.


7) Charge Back

Charge backs are when customers file a complaint to their financial institution in an attempt to have them issue a refund. This usually is due to product quality, shipping time, and credit card fraud.



I hope that this article has helped clear up some terminology and created a better understanding for future affiliate marketers! If you want to join the AXAD Affiliate marketing team please sign up below. We offer 24/7 support by your own personal affiliate manager to help you generate the most revenue!


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