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1) Selling

People who become affiliate marketers need to understand that their job isn’t to sell but is to promote products/services. When I first started affiliate marketing, I was chasing sales the wrong way. Instead I needed to figure out a way to give real value back to the customer.

Always ask yourself how the customer would feel when they see your advertisement.

One of the most important ways to promote products/services is social proof. Potential customers love to hear from others to see what they think of the product/service. A good example of this would be Amazon’s reviews. Good reviews lead to happy customers which lead to more sales!

It is all about making the customer comfortable and gaining their trust


2) Multiple Offers

It is so tempting to start marketing every offer that you see readily available. I made this mistake when I first starting affiliate marketing but eventually I learned that it is best to stick with verticals that you know you can promote. It is best to not overload yourself in the beginning and slowly scale your affiliate marketing business.


3) Not Testing Properly

I believe this is the biggest mistake affiliate marketers make. ALWAYS track your conversions. Without knowing if you are making a sale, there is no point being an affiliate marketing. The bottom line is that you should get paid for the products/services you promote.

Before you even start marketing, test to see if a conversion shows up on the back end of your system.

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4) Tracking Conversions

Always track where your traffic is coming from. If you are marketing products/services on multiple platforms, it is important to see where you are getting the conversions from.

This will help you determine the best source of traffic and sales. Inputting Sub ID’s into your affiliate tracking URLs will help organize your traffic sources.


5) Not Using Analytics

This is something that every affiliate marketer will eventually understand. The fact is that analytics tell the story of what is works and what doesn’t. Some of the main tracking metrics such at CPC, CPA, CTR, & CPM all determine how well your campaign is running. Analytics also help justify how much your budget will.



It is great to be excited in choosing to become an affiliate marketer but I suggest everyone to take their time and be to patient. These are 5 mistakes that I made when I first began affiliate marketing. If you are interested in joining AXAD’s Affiliate Marketing Program, please click the link below!


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