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Axad is the best affiliate network to maximize revenue.
All we do is convert, its what we do.

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The Numbers speak for themselves. We Specialize in Insurance, Debt, Mortgage, Tax Debt, Legal, MCA, Senior, and many more…


that personalizes

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Publishers and app developers: boost your brand engagement and passive revenue with personalized targeted advertising to interested viewers based on real actionable data.


that gets special attention

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Professionally crafted interactive video solutions will positively engage the right users. It’s an effective strategy for higher click-through rates. Advertisers see a higher return on investment, publishers experience optimal content monetization, and users get the desired message.


that connects

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Grow and nurture strong customer relationships with positive conversation on a well-connected network of engaged and interested people, ultimately boosting your sales conversion rates by keeping your product relevant, appreciated, seen, and understood.


that gets results

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Expert utilization of ad campaign management tools and cutting-edge resources with skilled methods for transmuting trends and user data into higher profits for your business.
AXAD is a global performance marketing company that specializes in mobile web, apps, social media and video. Want to sell ad space? We guarantee effective mobile targeting for both you and your prospective audience.

Strenghten your brand image
and make your company known.

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You could be selling the best product the world has ever seen, but the world will never know if they’ve never heard of you. Nobody can exist on their own, no company or man is an island, and we all ultimately rely on each other. AXAD will allow much more people to know about you, and in a world of over 3.2 billion Internet users, we ensure efficiency with organic lead generation and real connections with interested audiences.

Expand your business with
optimized advertising tools

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With AXAD, rest assured you have top experts in the field using the most cutting-edge tools to make your product or service noticed in all the right circles. You could have the best tools in the world, but it takes a skilled practitioner to use those tools effectively. You will find what you’re looking for with AXAD’s ability to connect with people and boost your business. Team up with the most superior partners who have the highest Cost Per Acquisition and commission rates.

Maximize your profit by
monetizing your website.

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There’s no sense in creating un-targeted or un-optimized online advertisements – you will just waste your time and money and only achieve a limited conversion rate. You are worth more. Let us put our highly-trained skills at work for you by maximizing the reach of your business with professionally-crafted advertisements and minimizing the cost. By pairing up with the best and most relevant publishers, we connect buyer with seller faster and easier and increase your profits.

Easily manage your campaigns by
category, performance and more

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AXAD will break down performance and consumer data for you in a user-friendly and intuitive fashion. Know exactly what’s going on with the online marketing aspect of your business and witness its tangible rewards in real-time. Sew deep and lasting threads between your business, people, and the world, establishing a profitable optimized network between advertisers, publishers, buyers, and sellers.

Easily manage your campaigns by
category, performance and more.

Love profitable online businesses? Well, Performance Marketing is your buddy. It’s achievable by learning how to implement your marketing partnership into life. We know you need publishers with the best CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and commission rates. Want to know where to find such gold? AXAD, we offer some of the most highly paid partnerships of all performance marketing networks.

Generate traffic and increase
views with our professional services!

AXAD offers cross-platform solutions for the best display, social, mobile app, and video audience targeting across all desktop and mobile devices. You can engage people based on their age, gender, hobbies, media consumption habits, motivations, online behaviors and other attributes. Relax, it doesn’t matter whether you need to introduce your brand to the world or reinforce your message in front of the target audience, AXAD is here to help. Speak to us about how we can work together to increase your online presence and revenue.